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Ballroom Dance

Movement is essential to life and moving with joy, good humor and curiosity will enhance your life and your health in endless positive ways. Inala Movement Studio welcomes anyone who wants to feel better in their body and experience the joy of mindful movement.

The studio offers private sessions, semi private lessons, group classes and teacher training.

About the Studio


Leslie Whitesell opened Inala Movement Studio in 2020 to create a peaceful place for people of all ages and abilities to come and learn about movement and dance. She loves teaching people to move in new ways and witnessing their growth in both understanding and ability. It gives her great joy to see how much better people feel mentally and physically after their sessions and how much positive impact the sessions have on their lives outside of the studio in all manner of ways

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The Gyrotonic method teaches you to use mindful movement and exercise to create well being from the inside out using special equipment designed by the creator of the method, Juliu Horvath. These wonderful machines use weights, pulleys and  resistance to help the body find it's maximum range of movement. The machines help to encourage expansion through the body and to create the strength to keep the expansion without assistance. No matter what shape you are currently in, you can create more mobility and strength, increased freedom of movement, better posture, more healthful breathing patterns and a free and optimistic mind.



The Gyrokinesis method is the equipment free precursor to the Gyrotonic method. Seated, standing and floor sequences are offered in a rhythmical flow that leaves the participant feeling open, supple, relaxed and energized.

Ballroom Dance

Bringing to mind the wonderful icons Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, ballroom dance is a wonderful activity for anyone who wants to do exercise that is fun! Learn the skills of where to put your feet, timing and musicality and how to dance with a partner to a variety of styles of music. Ballroom dance is a wonderful activity to take up as a hobby or in preparation for an event such as  your own wedding (or someone else's!), a cruise or a fancy dinner/dance affair.

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Wedding Dance

Your first dance should be a special and wonderful part of your wedding day. Whether you prefer a simple dance or an elaborate showstopper, preparation is key! 

Lessons are conducted in a small private studio. You have the space to yourself which provides comfort and a distraction-free environment.

Lessons are offered for bride and groom, father and daughter, mother and son, or all of the above!


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Private GYROTONIC® Sessions

Private Sessions

One on one instruction to give you the ability to fully experience the system. Sessions are one hour in length and can be designed for any level of ability. You will receive instruction on using the Pulley Tower as well as the Specialized Equipment we have in the studio.

Duet Sessions

Train in the company of a friend or loved one. One instructor and two students, each with their own pulley tower. Sessions are one hour in length.


Group GYROKINESIS® Classes

One hour group classes are limited to 6 people in the studio. The classes are also offered on Zoom if you are unable to make it into the studio or prefer to move at home. Recordings available if you are unavailable at class times and you can do the class when it is convenient to you.


Private Ballroom Lessons

Private instruction for couples or singles are 45 minutes in length.

Teacher Training

Begin your journey toward becoming a certified GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® trainer or immerse yourself more fully in the methods.


Gyrotonic Level 1 Pretraining and Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pretraining courses are offered for students interested in becoming trainers or for people who simply wish to deepen their understanding of this beautiful work.

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