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Private GYROTONIC® Sessions

Private Sessions

One on one instruction to give you the ability to fully experience the system. Sessions are one hour in length and can be designed for any level of ability. You will receive instruction on using the Pulley Tower as well as the Specialized Equipment we have in the studio.

Duet Sessions

Train in the company of a friend or loved one. One instructor and two students, each with their own pulley tower. Sessions are one hour in length.


Group GYROKINESIS® Classes

One hour group classes are limited to 6 people in the studio. The classes are also offered on Zoom if you are unable to make it into the studio or prefer to move at home. Recordings available if you are unavailable at class times and you can do the class when it is convenient to you.


Private Ballroom Lessons

Private instruction for couples or singles are 45 minutes in length.

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