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Teacher Training

Begin your journey toward becoming a certified GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® trainer or immerse yourself more fully in the methods.


Gyrotonic Level 1 Pretraining and Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pretraining courses are offered for students interested in becoming trainers or for people who simply wish to deepen their understanding of this beautiful work.


Prerequisite for attending a Gyrotonic Pretraining is 10 private sessions and for attending a Gyrokinesis Pretraining is10 Gyrokinesis classes. 

Becoming a certified teacher in either method requires completion of four courses: 1.Pretraining Course, 2.Foundation Course, 3.Apprentice Review and 4.Final Certification. The process takes around one year to complete. Details are below for the Pretrainings offered at Inala. If you are interested in either of these courses please contact Leslie for more information.

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